Should your business join the anti-straw movement?

Single-use drinking straws have gained wide attention in green circles, which doesn’t come as a surprise. They go directly to the landfill, where small organisms such as insects and bacteria can’t break them down by consuming them. As the plastic finally starts to degrade, it releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere such as BPA, which is associated with environmental pollution, not to mention health issues. Examples include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

National Geographic reports that 500 million straws are used in the United States alone every day. What’s concerning is that 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, straws accounting for approximately 0,025%. When they get into the ocean, single-use straws put marine life in danger. Chances are that you’re familiar with the video that’s become viral on YouTube, in which a turtle gets a plastic straw removed from its nose by res

Inventory Care For E-Commerce Businesses

Ecommerce platforms are thriving as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Just like stock in video conferencing platforms such as Zoom has risen impressively in the past year, so, too, has Shopify’s stock. Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market, which offers a variety of web integrations for business owners, is one of many ecommerce solutions businesses are looking for as a way to meet the demand for online orders.

That being said, just because you have a great ecommmerce platform to build your business on doesn’t necessarily mean that your ecommerce business is in good shape. In fact, it’s easy to focus too much on the digital tools you use for an online business without focusing on the physical aspects of running a successful online store. Inventory management is just as important, if not more important than picking the right ecommerce solution since mismanaged inventory could ultimately hamper your ability t




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