How Integrated Tools Can Help Revamp the Structure of Your Business

Running a business is no easy task, especially during these delicate times. Countries all around the world have implemented economical lock downs and now businesses can no longer operate using conventional organizational structures or systems. This has induced a global shift towards work-from-home organizational structures however; many businesses are not equipped with the software or the digital tools, which facilitate work from home. These businesses use obsolete tools and their entire structure immediately induces a negative impact on productivity and efficiency. 

It is simply impossible for a business to survive or compete in today’s digital era without using ever-evolving technologies such as FaceTime, Slack, Google Hangouts, Slack and zoom. These are just a glimpse into the array of different tools businesses are currently using to survive in the economy today. Some other popular tools and software used by businesses include authenticator apps, cloud-computing networks so that their employees can seamlessly work from home. If your business is currently not using any of these tools, you are putting your organization at an unnecessary disadvantage. 

However, many businesses do not have the resources or the access to these tools and cannot effectively integrate these tools without the help professional service providers. These businesses can easily contact renowned integrated service providers such as Zoho; this company helps their clients accelerate sales, make smarter decisions and build customer relationships from anywhere. Zoho provides a suite of web and mobile applications for distributed teams, so that their clients can run their business with more than forty plus applications.  Therefore, if your current team lacks the resources or the expertise, contact a renowned company to help you enhance your organizational structure effectively. 

Furthermore, under the umbrella of Zoho Corporation is a cloud-based platform, Zoho Projects. The platform is a Project Management tool which has over 2.5 million customers spread across the world. Zoho Projects bring the following dedicated features in its functionality:

  • Task Management
  • Social Project Management
  • Charts & Reports
  • Time Tracking
  • Issue Tracking
  • File Management

Available on Android and iOS, it’s a subscription-based platform with multiple customization options, including custom views and filters, customized access settings, customized domains, customized functions, and customized templates. It further brings add-ons and extensions in its Zoho Projects Marketplace. Developers can build these add-ons and host free/paid offerings.

To help you understand the profound applications of integrated tools we have compiled a list of the top benefits that these tools will provide to businesses of all capacities. 

Employees Can Enjoy Different Benefits 

Once your employees are provided with work from home facilities, they will enjoy immense flexibility and this will boost their morale by a substantial margin. Employees working from home can easily instill their work schedule at home, only if they are provided with the right tools. If these tools are made accessible, these employees can easily boost their productivity. Furthermore, your employees can save a ton of money on commute and other expenses related to daily work routines. This ultimately helps your employees stays focused and have no excuse in providing high quality efficiency as long as they are provided with the right tools and software. 

Immediate Decrease in Operational Costs 

Another prominent benefit of investing in integrated tools is the fact that your operational costs will immediately decrease. All of your variable costs such as office building utility expenses will decrease almost to zero. Even if half of your work force starts working from home, this will decrease your variable costs and give your organization more room to focus on generating higher profits. Lower costs will provide your business with a higher profit margin and will allow your management team to focus resources towards other channels, which can bring in higher sales and profits. 

Reduced Employee Turnover and Direct Increase in Productivity

As mentioned before, these tools will provide your employees with diverse range of job enrichment and will help boost their motivation levels. A highly motivated work force will perform at their optimum level and will prefer to stay with your organization for a sustained period. This will help attract more talent and will reduce your HR recruitment costs as well. 

At the end of the day, with the help of these tools you can manage, connect and automate businesses processes across your organizational structure. These tools are a prerequisite and if you want your business to thrive and survive in this digital era, make sure you invest appropriately. 

How Integrated Tools Can Help Revamp the Structure of Your Business


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