5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Last year was especially turbulent for small businesses due to COVID-19, with several lockdowns, and economic decline. Those who failed to transform and adapt their marketing strategy experienced great losses and some businesses haven’t survived the pandemic. At the same time, 2020 gave a boost to digital marketing services from ubrik.com as it was the best way to promote products and services even when we all stayed at home.

Let’s get started with some of the top digital marketing tips for budding businesses.

Develop a marketing strategy 

It goes without saying that knowing your audience and what pain points customers are experiencing is the first step in building your marketing strategy. Then comes the assessment of your value proposition, and the results you want to achieve with marketing. 

When it comes to implementation, audience analysis, engagement, and marketing experiments, it’s easy to get lost before you find out what works for you. Moreover, there are new marketing trends that need to be observed to match the needs of your audience. 

In order to make things right, and assuming you have the budget available, it makes sense to partner with a digital marketing agency or hire a marketing specialist for your team.  Of course, it’s important to agree on a marketing contract with whoever you choose to set clear deliverables and goals. 

Enhance social media presence

It’s not enough just to have a simple landing page and an active profile on one social media. The first reason for that is that launching your presence in several media covers a broader audience and allows you to explore different functionalities to engage more users to interact with your account profiles. One more good point here: if any of your social media accounts are blocked, you still can use other media and keep connected with your audience.

Pro tip: Consider influencer marketing campaigns. When opinion leaders advertise something, their audience wants to try it, which helps to attract more followers and drive more customers to your products.

Produce quality content

Having a blog page on the website with detailed and actionable content like tips and guides explicitly tailored to your audience.  Case studies format will help to establish trust between a website visitor and your website, increasing the chances to acquire new customers. Experimenting with different types of content starting from traditional text guides, infographics to engaging videos and podcasts is an excellent opportunity to see what content converts better for your business. 

Develop Local SEO

If your operations are restricted by a certain area, improving local SEO is a must. One of such things is adding the business-related info such as name, location, contact info, and working hours to several listing directories like Google my Business, Yelp, and others. It increases the chances of finding your business when searching offline services in a certain region and suggestions based on the user location. It’s also worth conducting keyword research based on location-specific search phrases (like “Best pizza in New York”) to see the search patterns and enhance your content  to make the search process faster for a user and more productive to your business. 

Smart systems

Using smart CRMs and analytics systems that run on the basis of machine learning algorithms can help you to get more powerful insights about your audience, see their behavioral patterns and predict further actions. Thus, you can come up with the best strategies on how to nurture your leads and turn them into customers, increase the loyalty for existing users, and come up with new creative ideas by having a 360-degree view over the interaction with your services. 

Following tips from this list will help you to boost the marketing efforts and contribute to the development of your business regardless of the situation, and turn the time of uncertainty into the possibility to grow. 

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


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