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Top Tips on Starting an Architecture Firm

For many people who work in the architecture field, their dream is to start their own firm one day. This way, you have a much greater degree of creative control and can go in the direction that you would like, rather than having to follow the ideals of others, that you might not agree with. So, if this is a path that interests you, the following blog post aims to steer you in the right direction with some useful tips.

Gain Experience First 

This isn’t the kind of business that you are likely to launch with no experience whatsoever. So, it would help if you worked in different firms to learn the best practices. Not only this, but you will also find out some things to continue doing yourself and other elements that you would change. When it does come to leaving your current practice and branching out on your own, you should do so with no bad feelings. This is a business that is built on good networking opportunities, and you certainly don’

3 Tips for Hosting Your Next Business Event

Hosting a business event is a great way to find new customers and to remind existing ones of what you can do and why they bought from you in the first place. When your event goes well, you can count on it bringing you more sales and therefore more profit, and this is why it is worth taking the time to think things through ahead of time. An event that goes badly also reflect badly on your business in general. No matter what kind of event you are hosting, whether it is a big gala meal, a workshop, or anything in between, if you can make it a success, your business will grow. Here are some tips for hosting your next business event to ensure it all goes smoothly. 

Determine The Best Day And Time 

There is going to be an exact date and time that works best when it comes to hosting your next business event, and it is worth thinking carefully about when they might be before you start booking venues and sending out invitations

How Integrated Tools Can Help Revamp the Structure of Your Business

Running a business is no easy task, especially during these delicate times. Countries all around the world have implemented economical lock downs and now businesses can no longer operate using conventional organizational structures or systems. This has induced a global shift towards work-from-home organizational structures however; many businesses are not equipped with the software or the digital tools, which facilitate work from home. These businesses use obsolete tools and their entire structure immediately induces a negative impact on productivity and efficiency. 

It is simply impossible for a business to survive or compete in today’s digital era without using ever-evolving technologies such as FaceTime, Slack, Google Hangouts, Slack and zoom. These are just a glimpse into the array of different tools businesses are currently using to survive in the economy today. Some other popular tools and software used by businesses include authenticator

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Last year was especially turbulent for small businesses due to COVID-19, with several lockdowns, and economic decline. Those who failed to transform and adapt their marketing strategy experienced great losses and some businesses haven’t survived the pandemic. At the same time, 2020 gave a boost to digital marketing services from as it was the best way to promote products and services even when we all stayed at home.

Let’s get started with some of the top digital marketing tips for budding businesses.

Develop a marketing strategy 

It goes without saying that knowing your audience and what pain points customers are experiencing is the first step in building your marketing strategy. Then comes the assessment of your value proposition, and the results you want to achieve with marketing. 

When it comes to implementation, audience analysis, engagement, and marketing experiments, it’s easy to get lost be

Should your business join the anti-straw movement?

Single-use drinking straws have gained wide attention in green circles, which doesn’t come as a surprise. They go directly to the landfill, where small organisms such as insects and bacteria can’t break them down by consuming them. As the plastic finally starts to degrade, it releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere such as BPA, which is associated with environmental pollution, not to mention health issues. Examples include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

National Geographic reports that 500 million straws are used in the United States alone every day. What’s concerning is that 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, straws accounting for approximately 0,025%. When they get into the ocean, single-use straws put marine life in danger. Chances are that you’re familiar with the video that’s become viral on YouTube, in which a turtle gets a plastic straw removed from its nose by res