Business-on-the-Go: Apps You Need to Run Your Business From Your Phone

There once was a time where, in order to run a business, you needed a physical store… Then there was a time where, in order to run a business, you needed a laptop or desktop… but oh how the times have changed. Did you know that you can now run an entire business from the palm of your hand through various apps?

Today’s entrepreneurs no longer have to be strapped to a desk, or a computer, for that matter, to run their business… Today’s entrepreneurs can now run their entire business from their phones! Mobile technology is one technology that has completely changed the entire outlook of what it means to be a business owner.

As a business owner, you now have the ability to finish up a Skype meeting and continue correspondence all while you wait in the “car riders” line to pick up your child from school… that’s what you call business-on-the-go!

Because mobile technology is changing and becoming more accommodating to

A Look Ahead at the Start-Up Trends of 2020

You can level the playing field against the big boys by understanding the trends that affect your vertical in 2020.

Competition on the global landscape is growing increasingly fierce.  Resultantly, Europe has started to challenge the Americas in innovation and scalability. These kind of market forces are shaping the business landscape moving into 2020. Globally, the typical market leaders – the U.S. and China – are battling to maintain their position on the top of the corporate heap.

Data Rules the Work Environment 

90% of executives believe that big data architecture will prove essential for effective financial performance over the next three years. Despite the shadow of Brexit and economic uncertainty, innov

Small Business Checklist: Four Things Not To Forget

In some ways going self-employed can be quite simple to achieve. Indeed, the barriers to self-employment have been lowered considerably thanks to tech and a general ‘entrepreneurial shift’ for smaller businesses and one person operations starting out.

There again, there are various key steps to take to ensure the starting and maintaining of a well-organized self-employed situation whether you are a freelancer, contractor or business owner employing others. If in the latter category, you’ll soon need to use and understand important tax paperwork such as W-2 forms to record employee wages and more.

So, here are four keys you need to remember as you go self-employed:

1. Status

What type of business or self-employed status is right for you? This is an important step to get right as it can affect how you’re taxed and handled by

Cutting Down On Big Summer Expenses

As the mercury creeps up in the summer months, so, it seems, does spending. With weddings to attend, vacations to plan, and outdoors activities to enjoy, the costs tend to add up. Before taking a dive into the deep end of the debt pool, read on for some tips about how to keep your summer budget in check.

1) Survive wedding season without blowing the budget

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Give a group gift: By pitching in with friends you can give a much larger, and possibly more meaningful, gift. A popular idea is to give an “experience” gift, for example a post-wedding or anniversary weekend away for the couple.

Get creative: While the current custom is to give enough cash to cover your plate, your budget may be outmatched by the swankiness of the venue. Plus, g

Ten tips for writing a business blog

A corporate blog is like any professional tool: it is useful if you know how to use it. Here are some golden rules to follow so that your website content can bring you traffic, awareness, customers and business. Small business articles on your blog every day can boost your sales and interaction with customers as well.

A blog must be of service to its readers. An author said that people go online for two reasons: to be entertained and to solve a problem.

If you manage to solve the problem of your visitors while entertaining them, you will win the jackpot.

So, every time you write a new topic, think about helping out, helping out means giving practical advice, revealing interesting tips, making resources available or sharing your know-how.

Your blog should contain quality articles, both in substance and in form. Too many corporate or personal blogs make the mistake of prioritizing quantity, just to maintain a pub