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Why Digital Marketing Events Are Important For Businesses to Attend

It’s 2020 and no one wants to leave their house anymore. They’re tired, they’re overworked, and they’re completely satisfied with life and all that it brings just by being on social media.

While certain aspects of that notion may be true, we really need to be honest about one thing – we’re humans, and humans will always need connection above all else.

And one thing’s for certain, too: no one needs more connection than businesspeople.

Social media, namely Instagram and LinkedIn, are great places for business people to connect, to talk business, learning, and the industry, but the connection a businessperson makes at a digital marketing event is more important to the trajectory of a business long-term. Here’s why:

Real Connection

Nothing against social media – I love having access to my network and potential new clients/partners with a single scroll – but t