Why Digital Marketing Events Are Important For Businesses to Attend

It’s 2020 and no one wants to leave their house anymore. They’re tired, they’re overworked, and they’re completely satisfied with life and all that it brings just by being on social media.

While certain aspects of that notion may be
true, we really need to be honest about one thing – we’re humans, and humans
will always need connection above all else.

And one thing’s for certain, too: no one needs
more connection than businesspeople.

Social media, namely Instagram and LinkedIn, are great places for business people to connect, to talk business, learning, and the industry, but the connection a businessperson makes at a digital marketing event is more important to the trajectory of a business long-term. Here’s why:


Nothing against social media – I love having
access to my network and potential new clients/partners with a single scroll –
but there’s something about meeting someone new in person that seems to work
for me and my business a little better. I believe it has to do with the quality
of that first encounter; I make a real, tangible connection.

The conversation I develop with the individual
I meet is deeper; it contains multitudes between life, business, work-life balance, family, and aspirations.
There’s a sense of, “We’re going to help each other out here.” It makes you
feel invested in and cared about, so it’s no surprise that it’s an effective
way of building a relationship with a future customer.

Connection and relationships are the backbone
to how we, as businesspeople, get things done. We need people working together.
Deals need to happen in narrow windows of time. Ideas need to formulate and
transcend petty arguments and unnecessary bureautic foolishness. Creativity
needs to flourish in the midst of a budget crisis. So much can happen in a
single day of business that you need as large of a pool of reliable people
behind you as possible.


At an event, you’re able to connect with
people about a particular subject that all marketers care deeply about:
education. Conferences are all about learning, knowledge sharing, and improving
the community’s psyche at large. Businesses can attend conferences and digital
marketing events and focus on these key aspects as they engage with like-minded
individuals at scale. What is critical is the ability to learn about a topic in
an educational environment and then partake in follow-up conversations about
the topic right after with bright businesspeople. Because digital marketing
covers marketing, tech, and sales, it creates that much more of an opportunity
for people of various different backgrounds to connect and build something, and
that’s especially true if you’re looking to solidify a start-up strategy.

Keep Up
With The Times

Attending digital marketing events are
incredibly effective for businesses because they provide an introduction to all
things new. The best part, though, is that these new initiatives are defined
and described by thought leaders in the space. The most actionable advice from
relevant thought leaders can be presented in any state or city, ideally the one
you’re located in.

For instance, PBJMarketing, a digital marketing
agency in DC, just recently put together a list of Digital Marketing Events in Washington, D.C. for 2020.
The list focuses on the what, when, and why, along with key speakers, sponsors,
and additional events. This is a great resource for businesses and non-profit
organizations in the DC market looking to accelerate their initiatives with
local support.


Business conferences may not be for everyone,
and that’s completely understandable, but the key concept to consider is this:
social media is for social engagement. Business events are to help your
business. When a connection is made based on that unspoken agreement, there is
more incentive for the connection to eventually lead to fueled business
opportunities, which is what businesses are always on the lookout for.

Why Digital Marketing Events Are Important For Businesses to Attend

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