A Look Ahead at the Start-Up Trends of 2020

You can level the playing field against the big boys by understanding the trends that affect your vertical in 2020.

Competition on
the global landscape is growing increasingly
.  Resultantly, Europe has
started to challenge the Americas in innovation and scalability. These kind of
market forces are shaping the business landscape moving into 2020. Globally,
the typical market leaders – the U.S. and China – are battling to maintain
their position on the top of the corporate heap.

Data Rules the Work Environment 

90% of executives
believe that big
data architecture
will prove essential for effective financial performance
over the next three years. Despite the shadow of Brexit and economic
uncertainty, innovators are continuing to deliver new enterprise concepts fast
and hard. What’s more, there’s no shortage of hungry venture capitalist willing
to foot the bill.

As of late, most
startups are hot on online marketing. The appeal of being able to target niche
audiences cost-effectively using a massive amount of data is too profitable for
tech savvy entrepreneurs to resist. However, it’s becoming increasingly costly
to deploy digital tactics. As a result, managing massive amounts of data is starting
to eat into the return-on-investment of many start-up enterprises.

Today, consumers
are more technically savvy than ever, and they need to be. Contemporary buyers
must process an ongoing barrage of advertisements coming at them from every
direction. As a result, off-line advertisement is becoming increasingly
attractive to consumers – and marketers. Now, marketers are once again turning
their attention to offline advertisements because they need some way to
differentiate themselves from competitors.

Now, It’s the Age of the Instagram Influencer

To date, marketers pay Instagram influencers upwards of $18 billion every year. So far, Instagram influencers are still the coolest thing since sliced bread on social media. Expect to see more #’s in your feed and more attractive stars peddling their wares in 2020.

And it’s no
wonder. Major brands like Estée Lauder have signed their stamp of approval on
influencer marketing by earmarking 75% of their marketing budget to the channel
in 2020. Brands are warming up to influencer marketing at a breakneck pace. This
year, experts believe that influencer marketing will mature into a media
channel that extends its reach beyond simple problem-solving and feel-good

With increased
popularity for influencers, comes increased marketing spending. Nevertheless,
you can expect to see some exciting developments come across your social media
feeds this year.

One big change
you might notice is that video advertising is blowing up. This year, experts
forecast that video will become more collaborative and creative than ever

For now, the
experts believe that video will usurp written content in 2021. However, it’s
unlikely that society will stop reading anytime soon, so video will have its
moment – for the time being.

Positivity Reigns Supreme

95% of employees
believe that burnout contributes to increased turnover. As of late, mental
health and wellness
in the workplace
is garnering a great deal of attention in professional
circles. For years, professionals have understood the consequences of burnout. Still,
most professionals push their minds to the max by answering every notification
that comes to their smartphone – whether it’s for business or personal reasons.
Now, cell phones are many peoples’ only connection to the outside world. Meanwhile,
people are feeling more disconnected.

Boundaries are
fading away in the workplace. It’s not unusual for employees and employers to
continue working on off hours, including weekend nights, holidays and evenings.
Of course, the result is increased
, burnout, depression and stress.

Something Needs to Give

Despite the
reason, people can’t go on working themselves to death. More people are
starting to recognize this reality. As a result, they’re paying more attention
to themselves and adopting practices such as mindfulness and wellness. At the
same time, more employers recognize that they need to make sure that employees stay
healthy so that the business stays healthy. Moving forward, it will become
increasingly necessary to look out for the health of employees to keep the
bottom line intact.

Some employers
have gone as far as to prioritize mental wellness by, for instance,
implementing a mandatory work shut off time. Employers take shut off time
seriously. Workers who continue to work beyond shut off time can be
reprimanded. In addition, more employers are offering benefits and perks to
make jobs more satisfying and healthier for staff members.

If you’ve been
looking for ways to improve employee wellness and satisfaction, look no further
than permanent flexibility. Like flex hours, this is the newest workplace

Like any other
great perk, employers hope that permanent flexibility will attract top talent. It’s
a great benefit for working parents who are highly skilled and willing to take
a pay cut if it means that it’s easier to balance childcare. After all, family
comes first.

You can improve
employees’ lives by offering benefits such as remote work, flex scheduling and
unlimited paid time off. In the end, you’ll help your employees enjoy better
work-life balance. If you keep your employees happy, they’ll keep your
customers happy, and you’ll enjoy profitable, sustainable operations no matter
what trends take shape in the marketplace.

A Look Ahead at the Start-Up Trends of 2020

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