Learning is the Key to All Things Progressive and Profitable

Learning is the Key to All Things Progressive and Profitable! You must be willing to learn in order to be in a position to win.

I believe that it is an inherent human desire to be successful in life. Now, what success means can be debated to no end. I still hold to the definition of success offered by the late great Earl Nightingale — the father of motivational speaking. He said that success is the progressive pursuit of a worthy goal. It is my belief that each person gets to choose what they consider to be worthy of their pursuit, meaning that there is no universal definition of success. It will be different for each person.

Regardless of what we are pursuing, how do we ensure that we remain progressive, which is the key to consistent success? The simple answer is learning. As long as you are learning, you are growing, and growth is a requisite of progression. I constantly remind my clients that intentional growth is the precursor to become what we must become in order to have what we need and desire. You see, you don’t get in life what you want, you get who you become.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that you have the opportunity to learn something new every day — meaning that you don’t have to go to sleep at night being the same individual who woke up earlier that morning. Choosing to be an avid learner will constantly open up the doors of possibility in your life. However, it requires an open mind because it is impossible to feed and grow a mind that remains closed to the potential of new ideas and possibilities.

As you continue to learn, you will find that old ideas you once considered to be true will take on new meaning as you consume new information. The truth is that you will never fully arrive at ultimate truth in this lifetime — you are on a constant journey of discovery — with each new step expanding your potential for greatness. Regardless of what you are currently facing, no one can stop you from learning. This is especially true when you have so much information at your fingertips. The only one that can stop you from growing is you.

Become committed to learning because learning is the beginning of holistic health. It is the beginning of the building of wealth. Learning is the beginning of a refined spiritual experience. As you learn, you will evolve and your understanding of how things work in this universe will expand. As your understanding expands, your productivity and efficiency in daily operations will increase. You have to be willing to invest in learning if you truly want to experience success. Learning is how you solidify your legacy.

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