3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety

3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety

I truly hope that everybody is doing okay today, but because life is life there are probably going to be some of you who are probably not in a good place. That is okay, we all have times in which life can knock us off center; however, we must limit the time that we are so negatively impacted by the disruptions and uncertainties of life that we lose the ability to function efficiently.

One force that can be very debilitating is anxiety. Anxiety has the ability to rob us of our ability to trust others, ourselves, and life itself. Anxiety will create a perpetual anticipation of negative occurrences. It will have you looking for things to go wrong, instead of expecting them to go as planned.

First, we should define anxiety is basically a heightened sense of stress that is triggered predominantly by fear. In proper context, anxiety can be quite helpful. Imagine that I am walking down the street at night headed to my parked vehicle and I hear footsteps behind me. As I pick up the pace to create a bit of distance between the person behind me and myself, they pick up the pace as well. My heart will start to race, my palms and face will get sweaty — preparing me to either run or turn and defend myself. It is called “fight or flight” or the fear response. This type of anxiousness is helpful and can even save your life.

A person suffering from an anxiety disorder is dealing with something completely different. Their fear response is being triggered by something that does not actually pose a threat and may not even be real. Some people have social anxieties where there become anxious any time they have to deal with other people. Others have situational anxiety which can be trigger by any uncomfortable occurrence. There are people that will literally be triggered by something as simple as someone saying, I need to talk to you about something when you have a minute.

If you are a person who struggles with some form of anxiety disorder, don’t worry. I have good news for you. Your condition is most likely management, and it can likely be managed without pharmaceutical intervention. I decided to give you three quick practices that help you overcome your anxiety.

  1. Stop censoring what you say and do — concerned about how it be perceived or how it will impact people around you. When you censor your words and overmanage your behavior, you are internalizing your true self and that will confine you. As you can imagine, this has a negative impact on you in multiple ways. Not only does it exacerbate your anxiety because of the negative way it impacts those relationships, but it can produce psychosomatic conditions as it pertains to your physical health.
  2. Spend time with people who treat you well. The more time you spend around people who treat you well, the more you will expect to be treated well and the more confident you will become in yourself.
  3. Treat yourself the same way you treat someone you love. The way that you treat yourself will have a massive impact on how others treat you. It will set the standard and boundaries that govern your interactions with others —subsequently improving your confidence and how you view your circumstances.

Overcoming anxiety is accomplished through the rituals you practice daily — rituals that focus on self-care.


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